Beautiful necklace
Beautiful necklace

Beautiful necklace

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Putting A Name To What Already Is

If you are a necklace-wearing woman in the western world, chances are someone in your life has told you that you "look beautiful" - a friend, relative, or even an admiring stranger. And if you are like me, chances are you have difficulty believing that.

But I hope that you - also like me - are learning to embrace the reality that you ARE beautiful... looks aside. Beauty flows downstream of love, and to feel and give love freely is a brave and powerful act that IS beautiful - whether it looks it or not.

Let's face it, sometimes love leaves you looking really gross.

My song, Beautiful, Beautiful describes a woman who forgot herself in the love she had for Jesus Christ, pouring out an entire bottle of perfume on his feet. What would otherwise be a foolhardy and expensive waste, Jesus calls beautiful. Because it was a display of real, honest love.

May this limited-edition necklace serve as a reminder about the nature of love, beauty, and even music (heck, why not) as you go about living your one precious life.

The Specs

    • 'beautiful' pendant is light and comfy to wear
    • sterling silver snake chain is 20 inches long
    • made by Jennylyn Jewelry for this song
    • comes in a black velveteen jewelry pouch, with white gift box and satin ribbon
    • makes an excellent gift for any woman or girl

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