Beautiful, Beautiful mug
Beautiful, Beautiful mug

Beautiful, Beautiful mug

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COMING IN 2020. Available for pre-order.

Start Your Day Beautifully

When I think about some of my favorite moments of the day, they are usually accompanied by a mug: writing, reading, cooking, sharing a deep conversation with a wonderful person, even playing piano. I love mugs. 

I like my mugs the way I like my songs: beautifully crafted, unique, and with a message that makes me think and feel things. This mug aspires to just such an ambition!

Inspired by the story of Jesus, and adapted from the cover art I painted for my song, Beautiful, Beautiful, this gorgeous white porcelain mug is the perfect size and shape to greet your day. I swooned for the rich cobalt blue interior, which sets off the watercolor design on the outside.

This mug is a work of art, just like your day is about to be. Go get it.

The Specs

    • wide design to wrap your hands around
    • glossy cobalt interior greets you with every sip
    • Beautiful, Beautiful exterior is hand-designed by moi
    • it's as full of surprises as whatever you put in it

NOTE: the mug pictured is a prototype. The real thing is being made by the elves in Santa's Workshop, and will be available to ship in January 2020!